Back Into My Lovers Arms

Back Into My Lover’s Arms

Lilly Saywitz Thesis Exhibition 2021

I use painting to name that which I only know as a feeling. If I lack the metaphorical language to understand and engage the feeling, it moves beyond my sightline and I lose the potential for new knowledge. I foster a visual dialogue, moving back and forth with the images so that we can develop a shared vernacular, wobbly and mistranslated, but functional. The space between knowing and feeling opens up a heterotopic site, as feeling becomes something tangible and describable using shape based forms of conveying information. This gives way to a sense of internal logic existing within the composition.The paintings use repeated shapes and colors to create a visual lexicon. There are archways to nowhere and a not quite- ness to the circles, triangles, and squares that occupy the canvas. Like an essay eternally stuck in the editing process.

This body of work, titled Back Into My Lovers Arms, is an expressed desire for closeness. My Lover is not romantic, rather a collector that expresses appreciation and a liking for a certain subject, they want to understand something intimately while acknowledging space for slippage and covet that inbetween feeling. The embrace is a place of knowing and also being known. The paintings and I desire a point of resolution in our relationship, like a homecoming, being welcomed into the fold of conversation. The images themselves are not resolved places of closure, but rather an acknowledgment of a search for definition. This search for language and cogency is clumsy and earnest, often time missing the mark.  However, the line continues to meander its way across the surface, hoping to carve out meaning from sensory form. They are sites of shape and color language that spell out the ineffable unknown known. From this, a clarity begins to arise as the words previously lacked, begin to take hold.

We feel seen in the eyes of those we love and hold that recognition of self near.